Clean beaches & happy kids

STogether with Juttersgeluk, Fairytabs is organising two fantastic children's events this year. The beach will be clean, and we'll have lots of fun! We won't reveal anything else just yet... Sign up now and we will keep you informed!


Fortunately, we are not the only ones. Fairytabs is the proud sponsor of Juttersgeluk. Together we are going to fight to banish plastic from the sea.

Juttersgeluk is a creative foundation that puts its heart and soul into making the "plastic soup" disappear. How do they do this?

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Imagine a world in which our oceans are completely free of plastic. That is also the dream of Juttersgeluk. 

Juttersgeluk is a foundation that works hard towards a better future. They organise beach cleanups to make people aware of the plastic problem. But they do not point fingers, on the contrary! Juttersgeluk delivers their message in a positive way. 

Namely, by transforming collected plastic into the most beautiful creations, which they subsequently sell! They work with a group of enthusiastic volunteers and interns. In addition, they support people with lesser job opportunities. 

Twice a year, Fairytabs and Juttersgeluk join forces for an amazing event.

You are never too young to learn. Awareness starts at a young age. With these events, we make children aware, in a playful way, of what is happening with plastic. Too much ends up in the sea, and fish don't like that at all. Fortunately, you can do a lot of beautiful things with plastic, as long as it ends up in the right place.